Configuration and Setup

The following topics describe configuration and setup procedures:

System Settings and Management

System Time Settings
System Reliability
System Houskeeping
Recovery after System Failures
System Backup

Configuring Fax Features

Faxing ASCII Files
Archiving Sent Faxes and E-Mails
Graphical Cover Sheets
Fax Header Lines
Color Faxing

Configuring Voice/IVR Features

Using WAV Files
Using Text-to-Speech
Connecting Two Voice Calls
CopiaFacts Recording Studio
Introduction to Recording Studio

Call Processing and Handling

Configuring TOSEND Folders
Line Groups
Telephone-Number Formats
The Do-Not-Send Files
The Do-Not-Answer File
Destination-specific processing
Timed Delivery by Destination
Configuring Retry Settings
Using Caller Number and Called Number
Real-Time Status Monitoring
Message Queue Interfaces

CopiaFacts SMTP E-Mail Gateway

Workstation Client Administration