The operation of the CopiaFacts suite is controlled by a number of 'command files'.  These files are simple ASCII text files which can be edited in Notepad or any similar editor.  The COPIAEDIT program is normally associated as the editor for these files and provides syntax highlighting and context-sensitive help for all commands.

Command lists referenced from this page show the more important commands in bold text. These are needed by most standard fax-on-demand and fax server applications. The command names in normal text are those which normally only needed for "power users" and those creating a custom CopiaFacts application. This latter category also includes some internally-generated commands which are documented for completeness only and which need never be entered by a user.

Most command files can use conditional commands such as $if, although these commands are primarily for use in Infobox files.  The conditional commands are documented separately:

Conditional and Loop Commands

The other commands are documented in sections by the type of command file:

Configuration File Commands [CFG]
User Profile / User Job Properties Commands [USR, UJP]
Infobox Information File Commands [IIF]
Fax to Send File Commands [FS]
Graphical Customization Template Commands [GCT]
Mailbox Commands [MBX]
Message Control File Commands [MCF]

For details of syntax rules for all commands, see Command Syntax.

For details of the use of variables in commands, see Expansion of Variables.