Command-Line Utilities

This section describes the CopiaFacts utilities which are normally used either in a command session, or by having another application invoke them:


APPLYGCTApply 'Approval' Annotations to Fax Document
CATDBFX Concatenate DBF Log Files to XLSX
CFCHECKSUMChecksum Calculator
CLEARACTIVEClean up orphan FS files
COLLECTCreate an Infobox Collection (IBC) file
CVSINGLEOne-Shot Document Conversion
CVTIFTIF File Conversion Utility
DELAYNTDelay Utility
DELETEOLDERFile Deletion Utility
DNSUPD Update Do-Not-Send file
EMDIRECTSend an e-mail without using COPIAFACTS
EMTOCreate an e-mail FS for COPIAFACTS to transmit
FAXABLEFax File Test Utility
FFAMOUNTConfigurable Phrase Algorithm Compiler
FFBCMDCommand-line Fax Broadcast Generator
FFSRSearch and Replace Utility
FTPUPLOADUpload a file to an FTP site
GCSINGLEOne-Shot Graphical Customization Processor
JOBCALLCall Low-Level Job DLL Functions
JOBCLJob Create and Launch
JOBDDATAExtract Data as DBF from Broadcast Job
JOBXDATAExtract Data as Tab-Separated file from Broadcast Job
JOBXLDATA Extract Data from Broadcast Job
JOBZIPArchive Broadcast Job Files
NEXTFSObtain a unique FS file number
NTREBOOTReboot a Windows node
NTSHUTShut Down Windows
PDFCATConcatenate PDF files
PINdBASE Index Maintenance
RUNDATECommand Expansion Utility
RUNVALUEReturn Value to COPIAFACTS from $run command
SHOWCOMPORT Display configured COM ports and modems
TIFCATCreate Multi-Page TIFF from separate fax files
TIFTAG Display and analyze TIF tags
WHICHCMDFind Program or DLL Location and Version
WINERRDisplay Windows Error Message