If an FS file contains an e-mail address as well as a fax (or voice) telephone number, then the FS file will be treated as a fax item if the e-mail broadcast fails or if no e-mail address exists for this specific item. Of course you will need to specify both sets of files in the FS file commands.

Using the $email_options keyword second will cause CopiaFacts to attempt the fax (or voice) call first and to attempt an e-mail transmission if the first method fails (after the specified retries).

The Job Administration subsystem supports this type of broadcast with separate columns in the broadcast list being reserved for 'fax number' and 'e-mail address'.  Job Administration also supports a combined broadcast where either a telephone number or an e-mail address may appear in a single column.  The latter is identified by the fact that it will contain an @ sign.  In this case the job launch automatically sets up the correct transmission, provided that the necessary template commands have been provided for both.

If you are sending a significant volume of broadcasts and are not using FS files which can be transmitted either by fax or by e-mail, we strongly recommend reserving one or more CopiaFacts node for e-mail only, using a specific TOSEND queue for e-mail, and disabling both this TOSEND queue on the fax nodes and also the other TOSEND queues on the e-mail nodes.