The CopiaFacts administrator program may be used to administer CopiaFacts user accounts and mailboxes. User accounts are required for each user who will use the system to send a fax and/or email using the CopiaFacts client. Mailboxes are required for users who will be receiving incoming faxes, which may optionally be forwarded to an email address and/or printed. Users who use the client software to send a fax and/or email are often called owners to be consistent with the job administration software nomenclature in which fax or email jobs belong to the person who is responsible for launching and controlling the job. Each fax or email that a user sends may be considered a job with one recipient.

Users have a have a set of folders on the CopiaFacts file server called the owner folder set. This folder set is created for each new user and is used by the client software in the process of sending faxes and/or email. This folder set may contain one or more configuration files in which the settings used by the client software are maintained. You may change a number of these settings using the administrator program.

One of the folders in the set of owner folders set is the Inbox. The Inbox is used to store incoming faxes for that particular user. In order to receive a fax into the Inbox, a user must have a mailbox.

A mailbox is a storage area that is used to store incoming faxes along with a corresponding control file that contains information about the received fax message. Refer to the reference manual section on MCF (message control files) for more information. If the system uses DID/DNIS inbound call routing, then a fax may be routed to a specific mailbox. Otherwise faxes are received into the general mailbox. Each user may have a unique mailbox if DID/DNIS is used. The mailbox is identified by the DID/DNIS digits, which are usually the last four digits of the telephone number the caller dials to send the fax.

It is not necessary for every user to have a mailbox. Users may share a common mailbox or may not have any mailbox at all. Conversely, you may assign mailboxes without any owner. This may be useful for systems in which there are users who will only receive incoming faxes. These users will not be using client software to send a fax or email. Often these types of systems are used to forward incoming faxes to the recipient’s email address.

The administrator program allows you to set up or remove mailboxes, as well as to set post-receive options and print options for incoming faxes.

Technical Notes

Mailboxes still function in pretty much the same manner they always have. This should be familiar to long-time users of FaxFacts, but it might be helpful to review some of the technical details behind this process.

CopiaFacts still uses a folder on the system, called the Post Office folder, to store mailbox control files (MBX files). This folder is named in the CopiaFacts configuration file FaxFacts.cfg. The default folder is called Mail and is located under the FaxFacts folder.

The MBX files identify the mailbox type (satellite), message media type (fax), and the folder where incoming fax messages and their corresponding message control files (MCF files) are stored. The message folder is normally the Inbox folder for users with owner folder sets. Users with mailboxes only typically have a message folder named using the mailbox number. This message folder is located inside the Post Office folder.

By convention, mailboxes are assigned numbers corresponding to the DID/DNIS digits of the telephone number that is dialed to send a fax to that mailbox. Usually the last four digits of the dialed number are used for the mailbox number. The number of digits you use generally is the same as the number of DID/DNIS digits your phone system sends when passing dialed number information. CopiaFacts will use these digits to first find a user profile (USR file) to assign to the incoming call. The user profile then identifies the mailbox in the $auto_call or $auto_receive command. That number is used to find the MBX file associated with the mailbox. Since a separate command is used to identify the mailbox number, you may assign a number of DID/DNIS the same mailbox number.

The user profile also has a variable defined (USERINFO_EMAIL) that gives the email address used in email forwarding. This variable is what is maintained in the mailbox options in the client administrator program. This value originally comes from whatever email address the user specifies in his user settings in the CopiaFacts client software. After a mailbox is created, it comes from the user profile associated with the mailbox. The email address is never changed inside the user settings for the client. If you are using a single mailbox for a number of users you may assign a common email address or user distribution list email address using this variable.

The client administrator program will update the user profile (USR file) as well as the mailbox (MBX file) when appropriate. When a mailbox is removed, both of these files will be removed as well. In the case of users who do not use the Inbox for their incoming mail, the message folder may be removed as well when a mailbox is removed.