Pressing the 'Edit Encrypted Variables' button on the company details page brings up a dialog where the system administrator can assign a password, and enter variable values which are to be made available to CopiaFacts scripting.  If a password has already been set, the variables will not be visible until it has been entered.

For more information on using these variables, see Encrypted Variables.

To delete the password and all variables, press the Change button and clear both of the two password entry fields.  A warning will be displayed if you confirm this change.

The password is saved in encrypted form in FAXCOUNT.HWL and is also used to encrypt the data fields.  The COPIAFACTS program decrypts the password and the data when a SECRETx variable is referenced in an authenticated infobox file.

The password does not prevent normal editing of the HWL file unless you check the 'require this password to use CFHWL' checkbox, in which case the password will be requested when you run CFHWL.  Updating your license with a .CopiaKey file does not affect the stored password and variables.