Hardware and License Control Program

CFHWL [directory]

The CFHWL program is provided to allow the CopiaFacts system administrator to add additional lines and license options to the installation. This program is also used to set up line capabilities and options.

CFHWL is set as the associated application for .CopiaKey files, which will be e-mailed to you when your license details change or when you renew CopiaFacts maintenance.  You can then double-click this file to install the new license parameters and key.

The program starts by showing a treeview to summarize the current configuration.  It reads the FAXCOUNT.HWL file from the CopiaFacts data area (the FAXFACTS folder) to do this. For special purposes you can view the license file from an alternate directory by naming the folder on the command line.

The treeview shows the licence, the configured nodes, and a summary of the boards, ports, operations, lines and threads in each node. If you have started with an evaluation copy of CopiaFacts, it will show the minimal configuration.

The evaluation licence allows access to all the CopiaFacts programs and simulated voice and fax operations.  To install a full CopiaFacts licence, you may be supplied with a ready-configured FAXCOUNT.HWL file, but you can also configure the licence by loading just a key file, or by manually entering your assigned serial number and key.

To access the license manager, right-click the FAXCOUNT.HWL line:

This will open the License Manager screen:

On the above screen, with an evaluation serial number such as 0001, you can manually edit the serial number, company name, and license counts and options, and enter the license key supplied.  However if you have a licence key file (with .CopiaKey extension) it is simpler to load this file directly.  A new .CopiaKey file will also be issued when you renew maintenance and can either be added from this screen without altering your CopiaFacts node and line configuration details, or double-clicked to apply it automatically (without opening the configurator).

To load a Copia Key file manually, click the button:

and then navigate to where you have saved the supplied key file:

Each Copia Key file will be named with your serial number and the year and month of maintenance expiry (or license expiry, for limited period licenses).  Loading the Copia Key file will then show the details of your license:

The Commit button completes the license changes and returns you to the main configurator screen.  Your FAXCOUNT.HWL file will not be saved until you save from the main configurator screen.  Before saving the FAXCOUNT.HWL file the license is checked, and will pop-up a list of errors if necessary.  You can also perform a manual check by clicking the button:

The Check License button shows both warnings (in dark red) and errors (in bold red).  Warnings cover such things as unused channels and gaps in channel sequences. These are not necessarily error conditions, but may indicate an unusual situation.  In the example below, no worker-box threads have been configured, although they are enabled for the machine (a warning); and more e-mail threads have been configured than are permitted in the license (an error, which will prevent saving the file:


From the main configurator screen you can change details of your configuration as described in the following sections:

Adding, renaming and deleting machine nodes

Adding boards and IP ports

Configuring lines and threads

Maintenance Renewal

Evaluation Items

Company Details