CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway Service



The CopiaFacts Email Gateway handles all incoming E-Mail in a CopiaFacts system.  Please read the Inbound E-Mail topic for an introduction to the Gateway features.

From April 2015 Copia is delivering a new SMTP Gateway and Gateway Manager with different program names.

CopiaServerInstall82xxxx will set the original CopiaSMTPGateway service to 'disabled' but will not uninstall it.

The new SMTP Gateway includes the following enhancements:

Improved resistance to denial-of-service attacks.

Support for secure e-mail for special applications where senders log in directly to the gateway.

Additional operation monitoring using OMACHECK, and EMSETUP triggers.

Improved support for TNEF attachments (WINMAIL.DAT files).

Optional IPv6 support

Up-to-date RFC standards compliance to accommodate a wider range of options in incoming messages.

Apart from the above enhancements, the basic processing is compatible with the existing gateway, and common settings are shared between the old and new programs.  For details of the differences, see the topic New Gateway Differences.


The Gateway service is implemented in the CFGATEWAY executable.

The Gateway is managed, and the service started and stopped using the GWMANAGER application.  Of course the service can also be started and stopped in the usual way using the MMC plugin under Manage Computer / Services.


Please refer to the following topics to learn about configuring and using the Gateway:

New Gateway Differences

Preparations for Installing the Gateway

Installing the Gateway

Configuring and Customizing the Gateway

Validation Settings

Sender Templates

Recipient Templates

Working with Templates

Recipient Lists


Fax Settings

Error Handling

Customizing E-Mail Processing

Variables used in the Gateway

Message Information Files (.MIF)

Sample Sender/Recipient Templates

Using telnet to Test the Gateway

Gateway Registry Settings