Line Activity Display


From CALLMON 8.005, a new format version (version 3) of the .STATS files are used, created by version 8.050 and later of COPIAFACTS.  Formerly, there was one file per node: now there is one file per CopiaFacts line/thread, named using the nodename and the line number.

Currently, the writing of this statistical data is disabled by default in the COPIAFACTS program: to enable it, set a non-zero value in minutes in the Statistics V3 entry on the Options/Options page.  A value of 10 is suggested.

CALLMON allows over 30 different line bar-charts to be displayed, showing numbers, times and rates for the main line and thread functions:

The bars are color-coded to match the colors in the COPIAFACTS line status table.  Currently statistics are collected only from the COPIAFACTS program.

The Options button displays a settings screen where you can customize the analyzes which are to be available for each node.  This allows you to select more easily the analyzes which are appropriate for either inbound, outbound, e-mail or other COPIAFACTS nodes:

Clicking on any bar (or empty bar space) in the main display window opens another window which shows a summary of the time spent by a specific line.  Clicking on the left axis in the main display window shows the same information aggregated over all lines in the node.  The columns displayed for each node can also be selected from the settings screen:

You should note that the displays are intended to give simple information about the line and thread utilization, not accounting data: they are statistics.  In particular, you should note the following:

If COPIAFACTS is not terminated using a controlled shutdown, some recent data may be lost.

The 'rate' calculations in particular are designed for larger systems: if you only send two e-mails in an analysis period, the 'rate per hour' is somewhat meaningless.

Time data is collected in milliseconds in the engine, but recorded to the nearest second in the .STATS files.  So if you set too short an update time in the COPIAFACTS options, some data values for items such as idle time and e-mail time may never appear in the statistics (if they add up to less than 500ms over the period).

For performance reasons, the displays are not continuously updated: changes in work patterns, or clearing values, may not show up for some minutes.