Brooktrout TR1034 Fax/Voice

Supported Hardware and Ports

CopiaFacts supports the following TR1034-family boards:

TruFax LS1- & 2-port analog fax boards
TruFax BRI 2- & 4-port BRI fax boards
TR1034-LS2 & 4-port fax/voice boards
TR1034-T14-, 8-, 16- & 24-port fax/voice boards
TR1034-E14-, 8-, 10- 16-, 20- & 30-port fax/voice boards
TR1034-Analog2-, 4- & 8-port analog fax/voice board
TR1034-BRI 2- & 4-port BRI fax/voice board

For more information on TR1034 boards visit the Dialogic Brooktrout web pages here.

Brooktrout Version Information

CopiaFacts supports the following Brooktrout versions:

SDK 6.7.2 with API 6.7.2 Supported by CopiaFacts CF8BM67.DLL
SDK 6.2.10 with API 6.2.10 Supported by CopiaFacts CF8BM.DLL

Interface DLLs for earlier Brooktrout releases may be available to special order.  Please contact Copia sales.

These DLLs are selected automatically.  It is no longer necessary to rename DLLs manually as was the case with earlier releases, and you must not do so.

The installed API version number can be found from the first two parts of the Windows file version number of BOSTDLLD.DLL.

       CopiaFacts Engine versions 7.391 and later Brooktrout support

       CopiaFacts Engine versions 7.336 to 7.390 inclusive Brooktrout support:

       CopiaFacts Engine versions 7.328 to 7.335 inclusive Brooktrout support:

       CopiaFacts Engine versions 7.303 to 7.327 inclusive Brooktrout support:

In version 7 the COPIAFACTS engine only ever loads F7BM.DLL, but will detect the installed Brooktrout version and advise if you need to rename the supplied DLLs.


For a new install, install the Brooktrout software using the appropriate IFFBOSTONxx.EXE installer (which will run BOSTON.MSI) before installing your boards.

If you already have an earlier Boston release installed, uninstall it first, and then reboot.  If you already have boards installed, make sure that they are detected in Windows Device Manager before running CONFIGTOOL (from Start/Programs/Brooktrout/Brooktrout Configuration Manager).

If your boards are not enabled in Device Manager, right-click and select 'update the drivers'.  Later Windows releases may find plug-and-play drivers automatically; if not, navigate in the New Hardware Wizard to the drivers\pnp folder in the folder where you installed the Brooktrout software, for example:

c:\program files\Brooktrout\driver\pnp

After you the board drivers enabled in Device Manager, you can run the Brooktrout CONFIGTOOL program. Make sure that the 'Dialogic Corporation Boston Host Service' is set to start automatically, either in the Windows Services manager or from Options/Preferences in CONFIGTOOL

See also the Fax Header Lines topic.


We strongly recommend adding or editing a max_timeout parameter in the Brooktrout configuration file BTCALL.CFG.  This value should cause any Brooktrout API call to return after the specified period.  Values under 1000 are interpreted as seconds; values of 1000 or more as milliseconds.  You need to choose a value large enough for the longest and slowest fax you expect to send or receive, for example 600 for ten minutes.  The default value of zero implies 'no limit' and can result in a stuck channel.  You should also make max_pagelist large enough for the maximum number of pages you expect to send or receive.  If you leave it at the default of 30, faxes will page counts higher than this will be reported as 30-page faxes.

To find the location of BTCALL.CFG, (re-)start COPIAFACTS with 'Debug Configuration and Startup' set.  This will record the full pathname of this file in the trace.

Fax Formats

Note that the Trufax boards do not all support MMR compression (T.6).  Only MH and MR are supported by the Trufax 100 and 200.  The Trufax models 250 and 450 also support MMR.  From build onwards, the COPIAFACTS engine will convert MMR files on the fly if the board in use by the CopiaFacts line does not have MMR capability.

If you are using the Internal PDF Converter with hardware which does not support its default MMR compression, you can avoid an unnecessary re-encoding by using the FAXMH or FAXMR keyword to set an appropriate format:  For example:


Older Trufax models (no longer supported by CopiaFacts v8.2) only supported MH compression.

Machine Startup

With early releases of Brooktrout software, "CONFIGTOOL /s" had to be run after each reboot or power-cycle.  This should no longer be necessary if you have the Boston service set to start automatically.


The Brooktrout debugging for TR1034 is enabled by means of the Brooktrout CONFIGTOOL program, on the BTCall Parameters page.  You can also set the debug filename on this screen.  The CopiaFacts 'Debug Low-Level Voice/Fax' option does not embed any Brooktrout debug lines in the CopiaFacts trace as is the case with some other board interfaces.

Dial Wait

See the $phone_mask topic for details of how to insert a dial wait delay for analog calls.