CopiaFacts now provides application support for infobox script developers in the form of DLL which includes a number of useful functions. Any of these functions can be called using a $set_var command in an infobox. The function is evaluated immediately and its result is assigned to the specified variable.

The application support DLL is called CF8SUPPORT.DLL and is automatically loaded by COPIAFACTS if it is present. If you use functions which require this DLL, you are strongly recommended to add the support keyword to the $system_dlls configuration command. This ensures that COPIAFACTS cannot start up if the DLL is accidentally unavailable.

The FFTESTAS utility is provided to test the operation of Application Support functions.

Details of the use of the application support DLL appear in the following sections:

Function Syntax
Function Descriptions
Error Codes
Date Formats
Time Formats
'Evaluate' Built-In Functions
Format Specifiers