Adding machine nodes

The main configurator screen allows machine nodes to be added renamed and deleted.  To add a node, click the small arrow next to 'FAXCOUNT.HWL':

This will bring up a dialog to allow entry of the name you wish to assign to the new node:

After creating a node, add boards and ports to it, and then configure lines and threads, as described in the later topics in this section.

If you have a lot of machine nodes, you can use the four buttons on the top bar to expand or compress the tree, or to show just hardware or just lines. The first button expands all nodes, the second leaves just the node headers visible, the third shows just hardware items and the fourth just line definitions.

Renaming and Deleting Machine Nodes

To rename or delete a machine node, right-click the name of the node:

The dialog in this case allows either renaming or deletion of the node:

Note that when you delete a node, all boards, ports and operations defined for the node are removed from the configuration, as well as the lines and threads defined in the node.