The Update User(s) page is used to provide common option settings for a new user or to modify these settings for the selected user or users. When you click on this tab or click on <New User>, the following screen is displayed:

The information on the right will be blank for a new user or will be filled in with information corresponding to the last selected user. The top part of the user information has the user/owner name, the cover sheet name (not to be confused with the actual file name of the cover sheet), the fax header, the fax profile, and the fax priority.

The cover sheet has an ellipsis button next to it which you can click to bring up a dialog box that allows you to enter a cover sheet name and browse for the actual cover sheet file. This will be the default cover sheet for the user.

The fax profile has a drop-down list of all available fax user profiles. There are two special entries at the beginning of the list - <Default Owner Profile> and <Default User Profile>. The default owner profile should only be used in conjunction with version 7.1 or later of the CopiaFacts client. The default user profile is whatever the default fax profile is at the time this program is run. The user profile has a number of options required for transmission of the fax. So it is important that you choose this option carefully. Usually, the default owner profile will be adequate.

The fax priority allows you to select the queue/priority that will be used to send the user’s faxes and email. The highest priority is zero. Each successively higher number, up to the number of queues you have (maximum of 9) decreases the message priority.

The template options allow you to select a user/owner from the drop-down list that will be used to set all of the user options on this page except for name. You must have a user selected with the Use template option checked for this to work. When you first select the template, the options will change to match the selected user. After that, you are free to change the options, fax header, cover page, fax priority, and any of the options as you see fit.

If you check the duplicate address books option in the template options section, then all of the template user’s address books, with the exception of special address books, will be added to the user or users that you update when you click on the Apply button. If you check the duplicate cover sheets option, then all of the template user’s cover sheets will be duplicated for the user or users whom you update.

The options section allows you to check various processing options that are used by the CopiaFacts client software. The Save settings on exit option should be checked for the client software to save any changes the user makes when the program exits. The Copy all attachments option should be checked to force the client software to copy all attachments to the Attachments folder in the owner folder set rather than trying to provide a reference to the attachment in it current location. This helps prevent access errors from occurring by ensuring that attachments appear within the scope of the fax server. The Delete temporary files, Delete sent FS files, and the Delete failed FS files will remove the corresponding files after a fax operation has succeeded or failed. The delete temporary files option is ignored on a broadcast from the client.

The notify on pass and notify on fail options should be checked if you wish to receive email notification on the status of your fax. The user must have the email address filled in the user settings section of the client for this to work. The Exit after print option causes the client program to exit after sending a fax or email. The default behavior is for the client to remain open to reduce startup overhead on the next fax. The Clear after print option should be checked to clear the attachments and memo information in the client program after a fax or email is sent. The Include cover sheet option should be checked for the client program to include a cover sheet with each fax transmission. The Output separate fax pages option should be checked to convert fax output from the client from a multi-page TIFF/F file to a set single-page TIFF/F files with numeric file extensions. This option is maintained for backward compatibility with previous versions of FaxFacts in which these files were the norm.

When you click on the Apply button, the program will run through a few validation checks and then apply the modifications made to the selected user or users. As each user is updated, a status message will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Removing Users/Owners

If you right click on the users/owners list when you have selected one or more users, a popup menu will be displayed with a Remove User option. If you click on this option, the program will confirm that you wish to remove a user before proceeding. Removing a user will also remove the owner folder set and optionally any mailboxes. The shell delete option is used. So all of the deleted files should be in the trash can for easy recovery if you decide later that this was not what you wanted to do.