Set Options for Web Page Retrieval

$web_options keyword|exptime[H|D] [keyword ... ]

This command controls the processing of the retrieval in a specific $type web fax-on-demand infobox. It overrides a $convert_options command in the user profile. Because of the interactions between the different keywords, note that when a $web_options command appears in an infobox, ALL of the keywords from the default command in the user profile are ignored for the document. You must therefore fully specify all the required keywords in the infobox to override the user profile command.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

keyword One of the following keywords:
FailFS Abandon the entire transmission (FS file) if this specific web retrieval operation fails. The default is to send the remaining documents, if any.
FontsizeN Specify the font size to be used in IE5. The N is a number from 0 (smallest) to 4 (largest).
TimeoutN Override the timeout default set in the FFEXTERN program, to timeout in N seconds. This allows retrieval from a slow URL to be specifically extended.
PartialOK Treat the web retrieval operation for this document as a success even if it times out before all the graphics have been downloaded. The default is to treat the retrieval of the partial document as a failure.
ReportFail If this web retrieval fails, FFEXTERN will substitute a page containing a message that the document could not be retrieved, without identifying the URL. The default is not to include any failure notification in the transmission. The standard message will be in English, but a replacement message can be specified by using $web_message to specify a substitute page for FXCVRT.
IgnoreLM Ignore the Last Modification time of the HTTP URL, if available. The default is to always attempt a retrieval even if a corresponding fax format file exists which has not expired, but to abandon the retrieval if the fax file has a later timestamp than the last modification time in the HTTP header. The last modification time of a FILE URL is always available and is never ignored.
exptime The expiration time (after its creation) of the fax-format representation of the HTTP document. The value may be zero or positive (negative values are treated as zero) and is used as follows:
  If the IgnoreLM keyword is given, then the fax-format file is used until its expiry date and no web retrieval is attempted if the file has not expired. After the fax file has expired, web retrieval is attempted and the Last Modification information is ignored.
  If the IgnoreLM keyword is not given, then web retrieval is always attempted, and if there is a Last Modification time available in the HTTP header, it is used to determine whether the fax format file should be replaced or retrieval abandoned, and the expiration time is ignored.
  If the IgnoreLM keyword is not given, then web retrieval is always attempted, and if the Last Modification time is not available in the HTTP header, the expiration time is used to determine whether the fax format file should be replaced or retrieval abandoned.
  If the URL is a file URL, the expiration date is always ignored and the decision to re-convert to fax is based only on the file times.
H A suffix indicating hours (default)
D A suffix indicating days

Note that when the option keywords specify the use of the HTTP Header "Last-Modified" data (which is the default), the machine running FFEXTERN must be configured with the correct time-zone and daylight-savings settings for your location. This is because the HTTP data always uses Universal Time (GMT), and so the correct conversion must be used to match local times of the corresponding fax files on your system.

Default: The specifications from the corresponding user profile command are used.


Allow and overstamp a partial retrieval where the document load timed out before all graphics were loaded:

$type web


$web_options partialok reportpartial

Ignore last modification time and unconditionally retrieve the document from the Web.

$type web


$web_options 0 ignoreLM