Set Web Page Footer

$web_footer "footer"

This command is used by the FXCVRT process in FFEXTERN to place footer lines on converted web pages.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

footer A string which overrides the default footer configured for IE5. The following character sequences may be included:
&wDocument Title
&u URL
&d short date as specified in regional settings
&D long date as specified in regional settings
&t time as specified in regional settings
&T time in 24hr format
&p current page number
&P total number of pages
&& an ampersand
&b center following text
&b&b        text following the first &b is centered, and that following the second &b is right justified

The specified string is used in all web retrieval operations under the control of the user profile in which it is specified. It is not overrideable in individual FS files.

To suppress the footer, use a parameter containing at least one blank space (in double-quotes).

Default: the setting for IE applies


$web_footer "&b&bSeite %p von %P"