Specify graphical customization background

$watermark faxfile [pageno]

Commands in these files are normally generated and maintained by FFVIEWER, and for most Graphical Customization applications it is not necessary to view or edit the GCT/GPT file.

This command is used to specify a fax format file which is used as the watermark or background for the cover sheet. This file specifies the resolution, size and fax format of the cover sheet. If a variable defined in the FS file at run-time has a name of WATERMARK, then its value, if it is the filename of an existing file, will override the faxfile specified in the GCT file. This allows the fax background for the cover to be selected differently for different recipients.

The faxfile parameter in GCT text which is embedded in a GTT file will be shown as '=' to indicate that the filename of the watermark is the enclosing GTT file.

The pageno parameter selects the specified page in a multiple-page TIFF/F or PDF file. If omitted, the first page is selected. A value of '+' for the faxfile filename parameter (on any watermark command other than the first) specifies that all remaining pages of the last-named (multi-page) watermark will be added to the output file without annotations. No further GCT/GPT commands are processed after a command with filename '+'.

Positional Requirements: Must be the first command in the GCT/GPT file. Additional watermark commands can then appear at the start of each page definition.


$watermark @FFBASE\cover1.tif