Set Playback Volume

$volume line volume

This command sets the volume at which CopiaFacts plays voice messages on Dialogic and Dialogic Diva boards.

The value set can be further adjusted by assigning a value to the VOLUME system variable, which takes into account the setting on this command.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
volume For Dialogic, a numeric value between -10 and 5 , representing a reduction of 20db to an increase of 10db in the standard playback volume. For Dialogic Diva, a numeric decibel value between -18 and +18. A value of zero retains the default volume.

Hardware Issues: Dialogic and Dialogic Diva only. The setting is otherwise ignored.


$volume * -2 ; decrease Dialogic speech volume by 4db

$volume * 4 ; increase Dialogic Diva speech volume by 4db