Specify VoIP parameters

$voip line localport gateway [user [password [stun [ipaddress [proxy [reginterval]]]]]]]

This command provides additional configuration information for Copia built-in VoIP ports.  Lines configured to use these built-in ports must currently have no other boards or ports defined. The initial implementation supports VoIP only through external gateways or PBXs which can accept registration for the delivery of inbound calls and the handling of outbound calls.  If your SIP provider cannot help with these settings, try http://www.voip-info.org.

For further information on configuration, see the Copia VoIP Ports topic.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected. If you are using a gateway which permits only one call per account, you should only enter a single CopiaFacts line number.  Otherwise you should define a line group which includes all the lines which are to use a common gateway or a common port number. Each line configured as a Copia VoIP line must be referenced in one and only one $voip command.
localportthe local port number to be used.  The local port number must be different for each $voip command. You will typically use local port numbers in the range 5061 to 5080.
gatewaythe URL of the gateway. Your gateway will provide the information required in this parameter.  You should enter this parameter even if you will only be accepting inbound calls.  The port number will be 5060 if not specified in the URL.
userthe login name for the gateway.  If this value is empty then no registration will be done.
passwordthe password for the gateway, if used
stunthe STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NAT) URL, if necessary.  If the machine has an external IP address and no NAT traversal is needed, omit this parameter or use "" as a value. Your gateway will provide the information required in this parameter.
ipaddressthe adapter IP address of the NIC card to be used.  If omitted or empty, the default adapter address will be used.
proxythe IP address of a proxy, if required.  If omitted or empty, no proxy will be used.
regintervalthe number of seconds between SIP registration messages sent.  Each registration message requests registration for 3600 seconds.  If omitted or empty, the default is 600 seconds.

The command is rejected if any line in the group is not configured for VoIP.

We recommend that the machine which you use for Copia VOIP Ports should have a direct Internet connection without Network Address Translation (NAT).  However the use of a STUN server will normally allow operation from behind a NAT router.  If your provider does not offer a STUN server there is information about public STUN servers at http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/STUN.

Default:  none. The command is required for Copia VoIP lines.  The individual parameter defaults are shown above.


$voip 5 5070 gateway.com username password "stun.gateway.com:10000"