Specify Phone Number for Voice Broadcast

$voice_phone phonenum infobox

This command identifies the voice phone number to call in a voice outbound (voice broadcast) application (which requires voiceout line operation enabled). This is a required command for this application and must not be used in the same file as $fax_phone. For fax server and broadcast operations, the phone number will be inserted by the client application, perhaps from a broadcast list or phone book.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

phonenum voice phone number to call, enclosed in double quotes if it contains embedded spaces.
infobox infobox to transfer to when the call is answered.

Note that other commands starting $fax_... in the FS file have their usual functions even though no fax transmission is involved.

After processing the sequence of infoboxes needed for your voice outbound application, you should normally transfer control using $next_box to one of the three states VOICE_FAIL (S34), VOICE_RETRY (S156) or VOICE_EXIT (S155). If you fail to transfer to one of these states, the call is treated as successful and after hangup the FS file is moved to SENT.

The use of non-numeric characters in the dial string is described in the topic for $fax_phone.

Default: none (required entry for voice outbound)


$voice_phone "6306828898" 1234