Specify the Format of Voice Files

$voice_format playfmt [[recfmt] [dftdir]]

This command is used to specify the format of voice files used for playing prompts and messages and for recording caller messages. Because many of the supported voice files contain no indication of their format, the system cannot automatically identify the format used.

The default format used by CopiaFacts is ADPCM (4-bit) recorded at 6000 samples per second (except for Dialogic Diva boards where this command is required). On boards which support .WAV formats, using a .WAV file extension will identify the file as .WAV and the header will identify the format. Note that all boards support only a subset of possible WAV file formats. Consult the manufacturer's documentation for full information about the formats supported by each board. For the console phone simulator (PHONESIM) only .WAV formats are currently supported and this command is ignored.

Increasing the number of bits per sample and the number of samples per second increases both the quality of the sound and the disk space taken by message files.

CopiaFacts supports playing and recording in different file formats, although it is recommended that you use the same format for both recording and playback.

Currently, Copia VoIP ports support only the WAV16PCM8 voice format.  This $voice_format command and the RECORDING_FORMAT system variable are ignored.

It is possible that you may wish to record and play custom messages in a higher quality format but to leave the standard system messages in default format: this can be done by specifying a (partial) directory name as dftdir which is then assumed to contain voice files in default (ADPCM) format (if supported by the board).

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

playfmt One of the constants listed in appendix K to specify the playback file format for non-WAV files. The parameter is ignored while playing .WAV format files, which contain their own format information.
recfmt One of the constants listed in appendix K to specify the playback file format for non-WAV or WAV files.
dftdir A (partial) directory name. If the directory name of a file to be played contains this text string, the default playback format (ADPCM) will be assumed, if supported by the board. Case is not significant. This parameter does not override the recording format.

Default: (see above)


Use highest quality Brooktrout file format:

$voice_format MULAW8

Use Dialogic 8k sample rate, except for files in \FAXFACTS\STDVOICE:

$voice_format ADPCM8 ADPCM8 stdvoice

Use WAV files for recording, and (when encountered) for playback, with default format for playing non-WAV files:

$voice_format ADPCM WAVPCM11

Recommended settings for Diva Server voice installations in the USA:

$voice_format ADPCM WAVMULAW8