Record Variable Definition and Value

$var_def varname value

This command defines a variable associated with the mail item, which will normally have been defined in the user profile controlling the incoming fax mail. CopiaFacts automatically generates $var_def commands in the MCF. This command replaces the (undocumented) $dataX commands used only for DATAx variables defined in a user profile in earlier releases.

Variable values are always expanded (again) when they are written to the MCF file. Thus if for example a variable is defined in a USR file with value @@CALLSECONDS, it will be saved as @CALLSECONDS after the USR file has been loaded, and when written to the MCF this system variable will be expanded so that the actual value of the call seconds is placed in the MCF.

CopiaFacts programs make no further use of the variables and values saved in the MCF.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

varname the name of the variable to be defined.
value the value to be assigned to the variable, enclosed in double quotes if it contains embedded spaces.


$var_def DATA2 "UserData"  ; fixed data defined in USR

Specification in .USR file controlling inbound fax:

$var_def time @@callseconds

$var_def inANI @@ani

$var_def foipcaller @@foip_from

Result placed in MCF:

$var_def time 37  ; (seconds elapsed for call)

$var_def inANI 01672841525   ; (ANI of incoming call)

$var_def foipcaller "Steve Hersee"