Define a Variable and Set its Value

$var_def varname value

This command defines a variable for use on a cover sheet, or for controlling logic flow, for example in $type decision infoboxes. The variable remains defined at all times, but if you create a new variable with the same name in a user profile (with $var_def) or in an infobox (for example, with $set_var), then the new variable hides the one defined by this command in the configuration file, for the remainder of the call.

Variable names are limited to 32 characters and variable values to approximately 8000.

Writeable system variables listed in Appendix D cannot be set by this command; and the only effect will be to set a normal variable with the same name.

To specify variables for use only on a specific node, or which takes different values at different times, use the $environment configuration command instead of this one. The $var_def command takes precedence if the same variable name is used on both commands.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

varname the name of the variable to be defined.
value the value to be assigned to the variable, enclosed in double quotes if it contains embedded spaces.  This value is not expanded and can therefore contain @ characters if necessary.


$var_def faxboard FAX40

$var_def MEMO1 "sales"

$var_def extension "3323"