Specify Question Box Response Validation

$validate option confirm|noconfirm
$validate file.NDX tries confirm|noconfirm

The validate command specifies how to check a caller entry made as a result of the $get_var command. If the entry is valid, control goes to $next_box, if not, then $error_exit is used.

The parameters are on this command are used as follows:

option one of the following keywords or values:
none no validation required on this entry (default).
digits After entry repeat the digits entered and use the message specified in $confirm_desc if one is supplied.
phone_mask The entry will be validated against the phone masks for the current user profile and those in the configuration file.
credit_card The entry will be validated as a credit card number and date. To use this feature please contact Copia support.
alphabetic This keyword may be abbreviated to "alpha" and it is used to specify the alphabetic entry option using the voice algorithm file specified in $user_pb_alpha or the default file FAXFACTS.ABC.
silence This keyword causes CopiaFacts to wait for at most the number of seconds (or milliseconds, when system variable TIME_MS is enabled) specified as the max parameter on the associated $get_var command. If the caller speaks or makes a noise during this time, the result is set to 1, and otherwise the result is set to zero. Touch-tone digits are not detected or analyzed with this option, but may be recognized as non-silence. On Dialogic Diva boards, the answering machine detector feature is used to implement silence detection, so AM_RESULT and possibly also FAX_TONE will be set.
remove_dtmfRemoves DTMF tones keyed during or immediately following the message from the audio stream.  This option affects one message only: it may be useful where one of the response options involves linking lines or starting a recording, so that a long DTMF tone are not heard by the other party.  Currently implemented for Diva and TE-Systems only.
file.NDX The entry will be looked up in the specified NDX index file and will be valid if found there.
tries This parameter allows for the number of tries a caller has to make a correct entry. This parameter comes before the confirm/noconfirm keyword. If the validation fails, the entry will be assigned to the system variable BAD_NDX_VALUE instead of to the variable named on the $get_var command.
confirm causes the entry to be repeated to the caller for confirmation.
noconfirm causes the entry not to be repeated to the caller for confirmation (default).


$validate none

$validate digits noconfirm

$validate digits confirm

$validate phone_mask noconfirm

Database index look-up validation:

$type question

$image_desc s

$get_var MYVAR 4 6

$validate PARTS.NDX 3 noconfirm

$next_box 100

$error_exit s157 ; exit to good_bye