Override the Operations Scheduled for the Line at Different Times

$user_sched oplist start end days

Wherever possible, use instead the scheduling capability of the $fax_send_time command instead of this command.  This provides additional flexibility in scheduling.

This command is used to restrict the line schedule when this user profile is selected to process an incoming call, allowing different operations at different times and on different days. This command can only restrict operations for the user profile; it cannot add operations not already configured.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

oplist The list of operations to be scheduled. Use one or more of the following keywords, separated by the | character and with no embedded spaces:














start the time at which the specified operations are to be enabled, formatted as HH:MM.
end the time at which the specified operations are to be disabled, formatted as HH:MM.
days a string of numbers indicating the days to be scheduled, with Sunday=1.

Operations are always enabled for periods of quarter of an hour, and any time specified within a quarter hour enables the operations for the whole quarter of an hour. So for example a start time of 16:05 would actually start at 16:00 and an end time of 17:10 would actually end at 17:15. You will therefore find it simplest to specify all times as exact multiples of 15 minutes.  (Note that in some earlier releases of FaxFacts an end time of an exact multiple of 15 was also rounded forward: this is no longer the case).

The start time must be earlier than the end time, except that the end time may be 00:00 (not 24:00).  Use multiple commands to specify a period spanning midnight.

In the absence of any instances of this command in a USR/UJP file, all operations configured for the line/thread are enabled (qualified by any $user_op commands present). If a keyword in the list above appears on any $user_sched command, then the corresponding operation is scheduled ONLY for the periods defined by the $user_sched command(s) on which the same keyword appears, and at no other times. If any operation is to be enabled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for this user, then you should not use any $user_sched command which mentions that operation in the list.

You may specify as many different schedule settings as necessary. No checks for overlapping schedules are made. If a $user_sched command specifies keywords which are not configured in FAXCOUNT.HWL (qualified by any $user_op commands present) for the line/thread on which the USR/UJP is loaded, they are ignored. A warning will be written to the trace file if 'trace outbound queue' is enabled. CopiaFacts engine (CF8) releases earlier than 7.269 would reject a USR/UJP if no operations remained for a $user_sched command after keywords had been ignored in this way, but this is no longer the case.

If a user profile has a schedule for any 'outbound' operation (one of outbound, pollout, or voiceout, email or worker) and an FS file is processed for that user profile at a time when the corresponding operation is not scheduled, the file time will automatically be set forward to the next date and time at which the operation is scheduled. This prevents the FS file being considered until a time at which it may be processed; however if you subsequently change the user profile to schedule an earlier transmission, you will also have to use a TOUCH utility to re-timestamp the affected FS files.

Default: the schedule of operations for the assigned line (qualified by any $user_op commands present).

Positional Requirements: Must follow the $user_op command, if that command is used.


$user_sched onecall 08:00 17:00 23456

$user_sched onecall|outbound 00:00 08:0 23456

$user_sched onecall|outbound 17:01 00:00 23456

$user_sched onecall|outbound 00:00 23:00 17