Specify Directory for User Profiles

$user_profiles dirname [line]

This command, without a line parameter, can be used to specify the principal directory that will be used to store user profiles.  This command is used only when searching for user profiles to process an inbound call; the user profile found will be placed on a $fax_user command in any FS file generated for fax-on-demand applications.  The $fax_user FS file command requires a full pathname and does not use this $user_profiles specification to find a user profile.

You may also optionally use additional $user_profiles commands, with a line parameter, to override the default directory for specific lines. This feature allows an SDID application to use the same ranges of user (SDID) numbers for different user profiles on different lines.

The default setting for the user profiles folder is the CopiaFacts Application Data folder.  However we recommend for new installs that the user progfiles be saved in the USERPROF subfolder of this folder.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

dirnamewhen no line is specified, the full pathname of the main user profiles directory. When line is specified, the full pathname of a directory which will be used to store all the user profiles for that line (usually, in a SDID or DID environment).   Note that system variables other than FFBASE are not expanded in this parameter.
line when specified, the line number or line group(s) for which the user profiles will be stored in the dirname directory.

Take great care when adding, deleting or changing this command on a live system.  The system should be shut down while changing the position of the USR files, and the same USR files should be left in both positions until all tasks from before the change have completed processing. A bug in F7JOBADM.DLL prior to version 7.340 caused the $user_profiles command also to affect Job Administration operations.  No job launched by versions of F7JOBADM earlier than this should be active when you change the $user_profiles setting.

The FFUSER system variable expands to the name of the main user folder.

Default: the CopiaFacts Application Data folder.


All user profiles in one directory:

$user_profiles \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\userprof

All user profiles except those for use on lines 1 and 3 in one directory:

$user_profiles \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\userprof

$user_profiles \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\mail 1

$user_profiles \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\mine3 3