Set a Non-standard Alphabetic Entry Playback File

$user_pb_alpha filename

This command is used to specify an override voice algorithm file for alphabetic entry and response confirmation. This algorithm provides for speaking back the letters as they are entered using DTMF two-key codes.

In a UJP file this command is required only for Voice Broadcast applications which require standard system messages.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

filename the full pathname of the file to be used.

Default: FAXFACTS.ABC unless the $vmsg_dir pathname contains the string 'WAV', in which case FAXFACTW.ABC. To find this file, CopiaFacts first looks in the voice message directory assigned to the application using $vmsg_dir, if any. It will then search the current directory and all directories named in a FAXMSG or SVP environment variable, if you have one.


$user_pb_alpha @FFBASE\