Limit the number of concurrent users of this profile

$user_limit limit dftusr

This command is used to limit the number of callers who may use the User Profile containing this command. This facility is provided for service bureau CopiaFacts users who need to control the resources used by a client.

The maximum number of users is not a licensing issue, more a control issue. A warning will be displayed in the trace file when a call is declined as a result of this command: the count of such calls may influence a service-bureau client to increase the allocation of lines.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

limit the maximum number of concurrent users allowed
dftusr the DID number of the alternate user profile which will be selected if the call is answered

The limit is only checked when a user profile is selected by DID; when the user profile is assigned to a specific line, the system administrator can control usage by allocation of telephone numbers and this facility is not relevant. If the phone network allows it, CopiaFacts checks the DID using DNIS data before the call is answered, and if the limit is exceeded will reject the (ISDN) call with a BUSY response. In this case the dftusr parameter is ignored (but must be supplied).

If CopiaFacts has had to answer the call before obtaining DNIS data then the result of exceeding the limit is to use the User Profile specified as dftuser instead of the one selected. Even if the user profile for dftuser has a $user_limit command, it is not checked at this time.

It is important that you provide a positive response to the caller who encounters this limit. In an application which expects voice callers, you should play a message using $auto_call in the specified user profile explaining that the system is busy. If the caller is expecting to poll for a fax and will not be listening for a message, you should send a short fax with the same explanation. If you fail to do this, your users will come to regard your system as unreliable and eventually cease using it.

No limit is applied on outbound calls. You can use the $fax_send_line command to limit the number of lines used for outbound calls.

Currently, this limit is applied per node. CopiaFacts cannot currently count user profiles on other machines.

Default: none (optional feature)


Allow six concurrent users of this DID profile, use 00009999.USR instead for the seventh and subsequent callers:

$user_limit 6 9999