Set the Password and Options for Remote Image Update

$update_image code [IIF_required [desc_allowed [dirname]]]

This command is used to assign a password code (magic fax-on-demand image number) that may be used to access the CopiaFacts remote image update feature; and to set options for remote image update. When this code is entered in place of a real infobox number, CopiaFacts will start an interaction with the caller to select documents and voice descriptions for remote update. You may use the $image_update command in a .IIF file to override the update options for a specific document.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

code the 'dummy infobox number' to be used to initiate remote image update operations. You may enter null or none if you wish to set the directory for use with system variable imageupdate, without setting an update password.
iif_required a yes/no keyword as follows:
Y a document to be updated must have a corresponding .IIF file (perhaps to specify a password and options to update the specific image, using $image_update).
N documents may be updated even if there is no .IIF file.
desc_allowed a yes/no keyword as follows:
Y the voice description for the document may be updated.
N the voice description for the document may not be updated.
dirname a directory name where the incoming document files (and voice description, if specified) are placed temporarily for later updating of the actual document.

Only fax type documents and voice descriptions may be updated. Menus, group infoboxes, and ASCII text files may not be updated. Document and voice description updates may be applied immediately to the database or may be placed in a separate directory for later update at the discretion of the system administrator. The caller may update multiple voice descriptions on the same call, but only one fax document file may be selected for update. On an active system if one line requests an infobox while it is being updated the request will fail. To prevent this you must use the optional deferred update directory to prevent the collision.

It is the user's responsibility to copy the documents from the update directory (if used) to the main document database. You could use the 'quit' exit option in the COPIAFACTS program to exit at a certain time each day to copy the files from the deferred update directory to the main database. You might also have a program that searches the deferred update directory for images to update.

Default: none (optional feature)

Messages Played: There are several prompts associated with this command. Standard voice prompts 46-57 deal with updating voice and fax images from a remote location using a password for access.


The ability to update by password is further protected by the IIF, and the description may be updated and placed in the updates directory:

$update_image 12345678 Y Y @FFBASE\updates

This document does not have an IIF and the voice description cannot be updated:

$update_image 12345678 N N