Temporary Unicode Override


To assist with a phased conversion from release 7 to release 8.x of CopiaFacts, this command has been made available as a UJP file command for a temporary period, starting with build

The command has no parameters.

Please do not use this command without first consulting Copia Support.

The $unicode command may be placed in any UJP file (without parameters).  It has no effect in system, owner or jobtype UJP files other than to get propagated from there into an instance UJP.  In an instance UJP, it forces the file to be written with UTF-8 encoding (and a BOM) when created or updated. Otherwise, the file is written with the encoding specified by $unicode in FAXFACTS.CFG, if this command is present, else with System Default Encoding.

A job instance UJP file with a BOM and with UTF-8 encoding must not be edited by a CopiaFacts version 7 application or by using F7JOBADM.  If this happens, (a) the BOM may prevent the correct processing of the first command in the file, (b) the BOM may be lost, and (c) if the BOM is lost, accented characters in the file may be corrupted.  The COPIAFACTS engine never writes to a UJP file; but if a version 7 engine reads a UJP file with a $unicode command (when referenced from $fax_user in an FS file) then the transaction will fail because the UJP contains an invalid command.

If the file is updated by a CopiaFacts version 8 program, or CF8JOBADM, earlier than build 138, it will lose its BOM and UTF-8 encoding on write.  This will only be a problem if the UJP contains characters which cannot be represented in system default encoding.  The $unicode command will also be rejected by a COPIAFACTS v8 engine earlier than build 138.

In a future release, the $unicode command processing in an instance UJP will be suppressed and only the $unicode command in FAXFACTS.CFG will determine the UJP encoding.  After that, the $unicode command will be removed as a valid UJP command.