Unblock ISDN spans on program exit

$unblock_spans node spans

This command causes the specified Dialogic or Diva PRI telephony spans to be unblocked to allow incoming calls when the COPIAFACTS program has been fully initialized.  The lines will have been blocked using $block_spans when the program last terminated.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

nodethe nodename affected, or * for all nodes.
spansDialogic: a string of single digits indicating the digit x in the Dialogic dtiBx telephony board name
Diva: a string of single digits indicating the line device number of a Diva device.

You can use the Options/Debug COPIAFACTS checkbox for 'Configuration and Startup' to determine board names or line device numbers.  If you use a line device number which is not a digital line, the setting is ignored.

Default: no change is made to the block status when the COPIAFACTS program starts.


$unblock_spans * 12 ; unblock dtiB1 and dtiB2 in each Dialogic node

$unblock_spans M1 1 ; unblock line device 1 in node M1