Designate Infobox for Web Image

$type web

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected during fax-on-demand, specifies a URL from which a Web document is retrieved The infobox must contain as a minimum an $image_file command, containing a valid URL commencing with http:// or with file:///.

This command has no parameters.

The FFEXTERN program monitors the TOSENDWW subdirectory into which FS files containing URL filenames are automatically placed. The resulting fax file after conversion from HTML is placed in the WEBFAX subdirectory (or that specified as $webfax_dir) with a filename the same as the infobox containing this $type web command.

The keyword www may be used as a synonym for web.


IIF pointer to URL to be converted to @ffreq\webfax\00002000.TIF:

; file 00002000.IIF

$type web

$image_desc standard