Designate Infobox for Voice Message

$type voice [asynch|asynch+|stop]

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, plays a message. An $image_desc command may be used in the infobox to specify a voice file to play, or the .WAV or .VOX file with a filename of the infobox reference will be played if present.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

asynch this keyword causes the message to started while infobox processing continues. While the message is playing no other voice operation (play, record, get DTMF digits) may be performed on the same line. You can use the CHANNEL_BUSY system variable to determine whether the message is still playing.
asynch+this keyword operates as asynchronous play, but in addition repeats the message continuously.  Currently implemented only for Diva and TE Systems.
stop this keyword causes an earlier asynchronous voice operation on the channel to be stopped. If the message being played has already finished, no action results.

Hardware Issues: Asynchronous playing of messages is currently supported only on Dialogic and Dialogic Diva voice boards.


; 00001234.iif

$type voice ; just play 00001234.vox