Designate Infobox for Call Transfer

$type transfer

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, transfers the call to another telephone. It replaces the obsolete $type call_phone and $type call_ext commands. The CopiaFacts line must be connected to a telephone line or PABX which can transfer calls on a hook flash or other supported signal.

The command has no parameters.

The infobox must contain a $dial_cmd command which supplies the telephone or extension number and specifies whether or not call progress should be performed. If there is no $next_box command when the $dial_cmd specifies a hook-flash transfer (and no $error_exit command for a failed hook-flash call-progress transfer), then the original call is automatically hung up after the hook-flash transfer has been done.



$type transfer

$script "Your call is being transferred"

$image_desc standard ; use operator.vox

$dial_cmd "&,0"

$error_exit noxfer ; go to noxfer.iif on error


$type transfer

$image_desc @FFBASE\image\operator.vox

$dial_cmd "&,9,5551212" ; dial outside number