Designate Infobox for Repeating Message back to Caller

$type replay [dirname]

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, plays the last recorded message. This can be used to confirm the recording to the caller.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dirname the full name of the directory from which the message is to be played. The filename for the message will normally be n.MSG where n is the call number of the current call (left-zero-expanded). However if the $record_nextmsg command has been specified in the call, the number n will be the last obtained from that file instead.

If no directory is specified on the command, the message will be searched for in the directory specified either by $rcrd_dir in the user profile or by the latest $type record, $type replay, $type playback or $record_dir command that has been processed by this call, if any.


; Filename 00001111.IIF Get address

$type record @FFBASE\vmail\address

$record_limit 180

$image_desc standard

$script "please speak your address at the beep"

$next_box 80001111 ;goto replay question

; Filename 80001111.IIF question

$type menu

$image_desc s

$script "Press 1 to hear the recording, 2 to exit"

$menu_item 90001111 none

$menu_item s157 ; good bye

; Filename 90001111 Confirm address

$type replay ; use last named directory

$next_box 00002222 ; go to next question