Designate Infobox for Caller Messages Playback

$type playback [dirname]

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, allows the caller to listen to messages left by previous callers.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dirname the full name of the directory from which messages will be played.

If no directory is specified on the command, the message will be placed in the directory specified either by $rcrd_dir in the user profile or by the latest $type record, $type replay, $type playback or $record_dir command that has been processed by this call, if any.

Messages less than about one second long are ignored (and deleted). You can adjust the file size for this threshold using the VMAIL_MIN system variable. The playback starts with the earliest message, unless system variable VMAIL_START has been assigned a value of last.

The normal playback interaction starts with standard voice prompt 60, and allows the use of the following telephone keys:

1 to select a message by call number
2 to hear the call number of the current message
3 to backspace during the playing of the message
4 to hear the previous message
5 to repeat the current message
6 to hear the next message
7 to hear the first message
8 to delete the current message
9 to hear the last message
0 to transfer to the infobox or state specified by $next_box, if any

To playback recorded messages using a custom script instead of the standard prompts 60 to 64, use the VMAIL_SCAN and other VMAIL_... system variables.

Messages Played: When this command is enabled, standard voice prompt 60 requests the next voice message number. As well, prompts 61 through 64 can also be triggered.


$type playback @FFBASE\steve

$next_box 1234