Designate Infobox for Menu

$type menu

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, plays a menu prompt to the caller and awaits a menu selection. The infobox must contain $menu_item commands.

This command has no parameters.

If the infobox contains a $next_box command, it will be used if the caller presses either the 0 or # keys, unless an $error_exit is also defined, which will then be used if the caller presses the # key in the menu.


; menu example Filename=00000001.IIF

$image_type menu

$image_desc standard ; use 00000001.vox

$script "for computers press 1 NOW or"

$script "for hardware information press 2 NOW or"

$script "for software info press three NOW or

$script "for fax information press 4 NOW or

$script "to exit press 5 NOW or

$script "press 6 to repeat this menu

$menu_item 3002 @FFBASE\item1.vox

$menu_item 5003 digits

$menu_item 2004 none 0

$menu_item 70005 @FFBASE\item4.vox 5

$menu_item 6 none ; next menu

$menu_item 1 ; replay this menu