Designate Infobox for Conditional Processing

$type decision

This command identifies the infobox as one that, when selected, is (usually) used to choose between alternative processing paths. This infobox type should be used for testing variable values and redirecting logic flow using $if statements. It can also be used for $set_var commands needed to manipulate variables, $next_box commands to direct control to another box, and $image_desc or $play_var commands to play incidental messages (e.g. "thank you, the data you entered has been saved"). None of these commands are required commands for a $type decision infobox.

This command has no parameters.

When you use a box of $type question containing a $get_var command, you will often follow it with a $type decision infobox to test the value entered and respond accordingly. If you attempt to test the same variable using $if in the same infobox as a $get_var, the attempt will fail and a warning message will appear in the error trace (if this is being written to the screen or to a trace file). You should then move the test to a separate $type decision infobox.


; file 00009000.IIF

$type decision

$if @varname2 = 1111

$next_box 2222


$next_box 3333