Specify Infobox Type

$type type

This command specifies the “type” of the infobox (.IIF) file, and whether it refers to an image or whether it contains commands to be executed when the infobox is selected. This command is synonymous with $image_type, which is now deprecated.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

type a keyword used as follows:
$type decision(conditional processing)
$type fax (fax image or alias)
$type fsfile (generate FS file)
$type group (group of images)
$type menu (menu infobox)
$type playback (caller messages playback)
$type query (run query program)
$type question (question and response)
$type record (record caller message)
$type replay (repeat message to caller)
$type studio (recording studio)
$type transfer (transfer call)
$type voice (voice message)
$type web (get Web document)

Default: none (required entry)

Position Requirement: Must be the first command in the .IIF file.


Three item menu with standard message:

; File 00000100.IIF

$type menu ; image is a menu_image

$image_desc standard ; 00000100.VOX contains menu script

$menu_item 22100

$menu_item 12200

$menu_item 78300

Question Box:

; File 00000101.IIF

$type question

$image_desc standard

$get_var response 2 2

$next_box testit