Override Default TOSEND folder set

$tosend_set "tsnums"

This command provides a means of specifying a non-standard set of folders for use with CopiaFacts applications other than Job Administration applications.

The command affects only FFBC, STATUS, FFCLIENT, FFEXTERN Special Processes, FFMERGE and SMTP Gateway applications.  It specifies the set of up to 16 TOSEND folders which are available for use by these programs.  The principal purpose of the command is for use when a large number of TOSEND folders are available but it is inconvenient to use the usual low-numbered folders for these non-job-administration applications.

This command is ignored and should not be used when the value of the maxtosend parameter on the $request_dir command is 15 or below.

Without this command, only the folders TOSEND to TOSEND15 will be available, unless the maxtosend parameter on the $request_dir command (default 9) is smaller than 15, in which case the number of available folders is reduced accordingly.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

tsnumsa set of space-separated number from 0 to the highest available TOSEND folder (0 indicates TOSEND).  A maximum of 16 numbers may be entered.  A number greater than the maxtosend parameter on the $request_dir command will be ignored.

When higher numbers than 15 are used on this command, and a lower TOSEND number is found in a template file such as those used for FFBC and FFMERGE, the number is adjusted so that it is one of those in the specified set.  See the $fax_tosend topic for details.

Default:  The default set of TOSEND folders is from TOSEND to TOSENDn, where n is the smaller of the maxtosend parameter on the $request_dir command, and fifteen.


$tosend_set "0 51 52 53 54 55 56"