Set DTMF Timeout Period to Assume Touch-tone Entry is Complete

$tone_wait line seconds

This command specifies the timeout period after which is assumed that caller DTMF entry is complete. The value is normally only used when at least one DTMF digit has been keyed in response to a prompt; before any entry is detected the timeout specified by $repeat_msg applies. This command can be overridden by a $tone_wait command in the user profile.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
seconds timeout period after which DTMF entry is considered complete.

If the caller presses the # key to complete an entry, the timeout period is not used. For a prompt where it is valid to have no input, the $tone_wait period determines how long the user has to make an entry, not the $repeat_msg period.

Default: 3 seconds


$tone_wait * 5