Terminate text of variable item

$textend ["string"]

Commands in these files are normally generated and maintained by FFVIEWER, and for most Graphical Customization applications it is not necessary to view or edit the GCT/GPT file.

This command is used to specify a text string to be used in an annotation. Multiple $text commands may be used in a sequence but a $textend command must be the last command in the set. Text from all these commands is concatenated, up to a limit (currently) of 64kb for each annotation. The length of the string on each command is limited by CopiaFacts command-string size of 8kb characters. This represents the maximum total length, including the command name.

The text string may contain CopiaFacts variable names, preceded by @, which will be expanded at run-time by CF8GCOVER when the template is used to generate a custom cover sheet. To force newlines in the annotation, the sequence \n should appear in the text string.

If the concatenated text, after variable expansion, forms a filename with file extension .BMP, or if the letter G is included in the preceding $style command, then the text is taken to be the filename of a bitmap which is loaded into the annotation rectangle without scaling or stretching.


$text "This fax contains @TPAGES pages"


$textend "From: @sender\nCompany: @coname"

$text "This is a long line of text which can be brok"

$textend "en at any point\nor continued on a new line."