Specify text of variable item

$text "string"

Commands in these files are normally generated and maintained by FFVIEWER, and for most Graphical Customization applications it is not necessary to view or edit the GCT/GPT file.

This command is used to specify a text string to be used in an annotation. Multiple $text commands may be used in a sequence but a $textend command must be the last command in the set. Text from all these commands is concatenated, up to a limit (currently) of 64kb for each annotation. The length of the string on each command is limited by CopiaFacts command-string size of 8kb characters. This represents the maximum total length, including the command name.

The text string may contain CopiaFacts variable names, preceded by @, which will be expanded at run-time by CF8GCOVER when the template is used to generate a custom cover sheet. To force newlines in the annotation, the sequence \n should appear in the text string.

If the concatenated text, after variable expansion, forms a filename with file extension .BMP, or if the letter G is included in the preceding $style command, then the text is taken to be the filename of a bitmap which is loaded into the annotation rectangle without scaling or stretching.

At the end of the annotation text you may use the sequence @!filename to insert the complete contents of an ASCII file into the item. Variable expansion is performed on the filename, which should resolve to a full pathname. Variable expansion is also performed on the contents of the file, which are truncated if the resulting text would exceed the 64kb limit mentioned above. The filename is terminated by the first blank space encountered (or by the end of the annotation text), and any following text in the annotation is ignored.

If the annotation text consists of an alternate special sequence @!!filename on the last watermark page, then the expansion process causes the whole page to be repeated as many times as are required to contain the whole included file. The included file is flowed from page to page. In this case no word-wrapping is performed and it is therefore recommended that the annotation should specify a fixed-pitch font. This feature is used in the automatic conversion of ASCII files to TIFF as described in the Features section. The file expansion in this way is not constrained to the 64kb size limit (although each page's annotation is).

Positional Requirements: Must be followed by zero or more additional $text commands and then by a $textend command.


$text "This fax contains @TPAGES pages"


$textend "From: @sender\nCompany: @coname"

$text "This is a long line of text which can be brok"

$textend "en at any point\nor continued on a new line."

$text "stevesig.bmp"