Specify Contents of Standard Job Report

$statuslist keywords

This command specifies the items to be collected and included in the standard Job Admin end of job report. Note that the destination for the report is specified in a $notify_email or $notify_fax command.

Because the report content is built up during processing, it is important that all machines processing outbound tasks have the same regional settings for country code, date format and time format.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

keywords one or more of the following keywords, separated by | characters and with no blank spaces:
sent The report includes a line for each successfully sent item
fail The report includes a line for each failed item
both The report includes a line for all completed items
fax A copy of the first page of the job fax is appended to the report
none No report is produced

Default: no report is produced


$statuslist fail

$statuslist both|fax