Select Columns for Job Status Display

$status_columns keyword|varname [keyword|varname ...]

This command specifies the columns to be displayed on the Job Instance Status page in the JOBADMIN program.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

keyword one of the following keywords:
fsnum The FS file number
rcvnm The recipient name
delto The delivery fax number, phone number, or e-mail address
status The current item status
emsubj The subject of an e-mail
pages Pages scheduled
atts Outcome letters of transmission attempts
lasta Date/Time of last attempt
nexta Date/Time of next scheduled attempt
rcsid Remote answerback
varname The name of a user variable available from the FS file. A maximum of 4 names can be selected.

If you change the column settings in the system, owner or jobtype UJP files, it will affect only newly-created jobs.

Default: fsnum rcvnm delto status


$status_columns fsnum delto bcf4