Specify the SMS Service Internal Name and Interface DLL

$sms_service nodename servicename dllpath

This command specifies the DLL which is to be used to interface with an SMS service provider.  Multiple commands can be specified if multiple service providers are to be supported.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to load this DLL, or * for all nodes.
servicename the internal name to be used for this service
dllpaththe full pathname of the DLL that implements the service interface if it is not on your Windows path, or the filename and extension if it is on your path. The .DLL extension is required.

For an individual SMS operation, the service to be used will be specified as the value of the SMS_SERVICE variable. The value will match the servicename parameter on this command so as to specify the DLL which implements the interface to the required SMS service provider.

Default: none (optional feature)


$sms_service * SMPP cf8smpp.dll