Specify SMS Message Text File

$sms_body filename [origin]

This command specifies the filename of the text that is to form the SMS message.

The default macro-expansion character on all $sms... commands is an ASCII grave accent character (`). The file is processed in the same way as a CopiaFacts cover sheet with macro-expansion of '`' variables.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

filename The filename to be used as body text. The file should be a text file.
originA keyword JOBTYPE, OWNER, or SYSTEM which is used to allow separate sets of body and/or text commands in Job Type, Owner and System job properties to override each other correctly. This keyword is added automatically in job instance creation and should NOT be applied manually.

The $sms_text and $sms_body commands can be mixed in the same FS file and the message will be built from lines and files in the order they are specified.

Default: no message body is included


$sms_body "`FFJOBS\00001234\messages\JOB12345.TXT"