Specify Parameters for BladeWare SIP registration

$sip_register node registrar from contact username password [reginterval]

This command is used to initiate a SIP registration process.  It only applies to Commetrex BladeWare IP sites.  You may make multiple registrations using multiple commands, for example to register on a single switch multiple extensions on which you will accept incoming calls.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

nodethe nodename affected, or * for all nodes.
registrarthe SIP URI of the SIP registrar.  This normally takes the form "sip:domain", for example: sip:chi.teliax.net.  The userinfo and @ components of the SIP URI must not be present in this parameter.
fromthe SIP URI of the calling number, to be placed in the From: field of the Register request.  This normally takes the form of the username at the registrar domain, for example sip:copiaspare@chi.teliax.net.
contactthe SIP URI of the contact, to be placed in the Contact: field of the Register request.  This normally takes the form of the username at the local domain and port, for example sip:copiaspare@
usernamethe username for SIP authentication
passwordthe password for SIP authentication
reginterval the number of seconds between SIP registration messages sent.  Each registration message requests registration for 3600 seconds.  If omitted or empty, the default is 900 seconds.  The value should be specified, if needed, on the first or only $sip_register command and the first value encountered affects all such commands.


If this command is omitted, no registration is done.

If a parameter is omitted (by using an empty double-quoted string) that element is omitted from the registration.

Example (all on one line):

$sip_register M1 sip:chi.teliax.net sip:copiaspare@chi.teliax.net 
                    sip:copiaspare@ copiaspare fKnd9ryEpWro