Specify the Line Settle Time

$settle_time line seconds [ibcode [obdelay]]

The $settle_time command controls the settle time between successive calls on the same channel.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.
seconds the number of seconds the system will wait on the transition from an inbound call to an outbound call. This settle time is provided to allow for telephone exchange equipment which needs to recover after finishing an inbound call before it can accept an outbound call. It occurs after the inbound call has completed and prevents an outbound call from starting. This settle time does not affect a sequence of outbound calls originated by CopiaFacts, and is not applied on 'hardware DID' or digital systems.
ibcode a yes/no code as follows:
Y further inbound calls are allowed during the settle time. This does not normally cause any problem and is the default setting. If there is an equipment problem connected with an incoming call, it will not usually help for CopiaFacts to delay answering the call during the settle time.
N CopiaFacts will not answer inbound calls during the settle time
obdelay a delay time (in seconds) separate from the settle time already discussed, which controls the settle time between outbound calls. It is possible for CopiaFacts to start the next outbound call too soon after a call has finished on an analog line. If your outbound line goes through a PBX or has special services enabled, it is possible for the brief on-hook period between calls to be interpreted as a hook-flash. A value of 2 or 3 (seconds) as the obdelay parameter should prevent this problem. This settle period is applied before an outbound call commences.

Adding a small extra obdelay between outbound calls will usually resolve an error outcome code 266 on some Brooktrout boards, by giving time for a clean hangup before the next call.

Default: 12 seconds transition from inbound to outbound, incoming calls allowed (Y), one second delay between successive outbound calls.


$settle_time * 60 Y ;wait 1 minute after inbound call

$settle_time * 12 Y 3 ;wait 3 sec between outbound calls