Specify number of attempts to get SDID

$sdid_tries ntries|0

This command controls the number of times the user will be prompted to enter SDID. It can be used to control the way your application responds to the entry of a number for which a valid user profile does not exist.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

ntries The number of attempts to allow. Values greater than 5 are taken as 5.
0 A special value of zero permits one attempt but it also permits a user to make no entry at the prompt. If no entry is made, the default user profile for the line is used to control the call.

When the number of attempts has been reached, the call is aborted under the control of the default user profile for the line. To continue with the call in these circumstances the ABORT_CALL state can be trapped with the $set_state command.

This command is only used for the first user profile loaded for the line in a call, so it should not be given in the USR file loaded as a result of the SDID entry.

Default: 3


Allow only one attempt to enter SDID:

$sdid_tries 1