Specify Directory for Scripts

$scripts dirname

This command defines the directory used as the standard place to store scripts (infobox files [IIF] and associated files).

This folder can be named on a configuration-file $script_locn command to specify a default folder for script files. The folder is not automatically added as a default script location.

It is recommended that this command should not be used for new installs, and that the default folder be used instead.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dirname the directory in which script files are stored. Note that system variables other than FFBASE are not expanded in this parameter.

Script files can also be stored in any folder visible to COPIAFACTS nodes, but the standard place is recommended.

The FFSCRIPTS system variable expands to the name of this folder.

Default: the SCRIPTS folder in the CopiaFacts Application Data folder.


$scripts \\FFSERVER\COPIA\faxfacts\demoimg